Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

Top Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

There are top reasons why employees leave their jobs and started to transfer to the other local companies. I heard too many real stories from our applicants who are applying for a job in our Company. Unfortunately, I was interviewing these job seekers and asking them why they are leaving their current company, their answers will totally change your perspective towards these companies, really. This Article is not only my own opinion, but this is also a real story from real people, and it really happening in Kuwait, on some Companies.

As a Worker here in Kuwait, I had some bad experiences in my first Company. I got lots of good friends who are working in different companies and have bad stories as well. I know and I do understand the hardship in getting a job abroad especially here in Kuwait. We waste our own money, time and effort just to get a job here, we sacrificed our own lives just to work here, far away from our families, relatives, and friends.

Some Indian Nationals are buying their Visa for 600kd just to be here and can’t able to get a job until they stayed here in 12 months (rules in Shoun). Yes, this is really happening, this is not my own assessment.

Kuwait is a great Country, some few people just making it look bad and it’s hurting me a lot even if I am not a Kuwaiti National, I was totally hurt because of these small workers who sacrificed everything just to be here in this Country, then they will experience these negative things. Unfortunately, these Admins, Operations Managers, and Some Managers are the one who is making these troubles to their workers. Most of the time, the Company Owners (Kuwaiti) don’t have any idea about these things, because they are just relying on these people inside their Company.



Not Paying Overtime

Workers in Kuwait went here to work and get paid in the right remuneration. There are some Companies, mostly in the Food and Beverage Industry are not paying overtime as per Kuwait Labor Law. These Operations Manager are too clever but not in the right way, I remember 1 person who told me that they have their own rules in terms of paying or not paying the overtime, it’s really ridiculous to hear that.

As a worker, we are not here in Kuwait to work in excess hours for free. We all know that the legal working hours is only 8hours/day or 48hours/week as per Kuwait Labor Law under Private Sector.

Not Paying Legal Holidays

Under Kuwait Labor Law for Private Sector (Article 68), it is clearly stated to pay for the right remuneration for the Official Holiday if the worker will be on duty. Some Companies here in Kuwait are not paying these Legal Holiday, especially in Food and Beverage Industry. What they are doing to their Employees are just providing them an extra day off. All the worker’s needs money, not this day without work. We came here in Kuwait to get more money that we can’t get from our Country.

Not Paying the Salary on Time

Private Sector Kuwait Labor Law – Official Version

Chapter Four

Work System and Conditions

Section One – The Remuneration

Article (56)

Remunerations are paid during the working days in the country’s currency, as follows:

a- Workers with a monthly remuneration shall receive their remunerations at least once a month.

b- Other workers shall receive their remunerations at least once every two weeks.

Payment of remunerations shall not be delayed for more than seven days after the due date thereof.

Unfortunately, too many reports that there are some Companies paying very late, some of them are not paying for more than 1 month or more. Kuwait has its laws to protect all the workers, I just can’t believe that there are some few people, especially these Operations Managers who are not abiding these laws. They should understand that all the workers here in Kuwait have their own families who are relying on them. They need to send their salary each month to support the needs of their family.

Not Providing Salary Increment

I personally know a Company who give 2kd to 5kd annual salary increment to their Employees, it’s ridiculous!. Please ready about the proper increment of the workers on Kuwait Times Article.

Maybe some of the readers will say “2kd or 5kd is better than nothing”, yes you are right, maybe only for you. Imagine the cost of living now in Kuwait then tell me if these numbers are enough.

Rude and Unfair Company Admins and Managers

I can’t figure out why these Admins and Managers are acting like Kings and Queens in the Company, in fact, they are just also Employees. I’ve seen a lot of unfair arguments between these Asian Employees and their Managers, of course, these Managers and Admins always win. Some small problems or issues that can be fixed they just simply make it bigger or worst, like an Ant, became a huge Dinosaur. You better stop blaming your Employees if you know to yourself that you are not doing your job well and fair!. At the end of the day you are still a worker and anytime you will get fired to your Company. These rude and unfair Admins and Managers should realize that without your small workers, you are all nothing. Stop shouting at them in front of their colleagues, they are not a child! you have your good office, be professional enough.

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