The Billionaire Story

The Billionaire Story


A very rich billionaire’s Airplane just got into engine failure, the Aircraft can’t able to turn on its engine anymore.
The Billionaire call all the best Aircraft Mechanic even some Engineers to fix his very expensive Aircraft and he told them he will be paying double of their 1-month salary if they will succeed to run it again, NONE OF THEM WAS ABLE TO FIX IT.

Then the friend of the Billionaire told him that he knows someone who can fix this thing, then he calls this guy. The Car Mechanic came to the site where the Airplane was being stored.
This Car Mechanic started to check…
He grabs his hammer…
Suddenly he taps the engine’s side inner panel then it started to run again.
The Billionaire was shocked and his Friend to what this Car Mechanic did.

Surprisingly the Billionaire call this Car Mechanic to pay for his service. He told him that I’ll be paying only 100$ because you are not an Engineer nor an Aircraft Mechanic, you only use your Hammer to Tap my Aircraft and make it run again.

The Car Mechanic Answered, you call these Aircraft Mechanic and Engineers and told them to pay their 1 month of their salary if they fix your Aircraft but they failed to fix it.
Why you are not paying me the same for I am the only person who did fix your Aircraft again?

It’s not about the Job Position, it’s all about the skills on how to deal with the real work. Knowing where to Tap to get the job done is much greater than having a bunch of useless certificates and titles.

There are so many People not only in Kuwait have the same mindset of this Billionaire in the story. All the very much talented and skilled individuals are taken for granted and are paid less compared to these Admins and Managers who know only how to talk, shout and talk.

Let us help you find a better Employer, Manager, and Company here in Kuwait.

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