Human Trafficking Reported – Each Visa Sold Between 2,000 and 1,500 KD

The Ministry of Interior has referred nine new issues of human trafficking to the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Sources familiar with the issue said those involved in human trafficking are individuals and companies who allegedly brought the workers into the country under the employment of fake companies.

The same sources indicated each visa is sold for between 2,000 and 1,500 dinars, depending on the nationality of the person.

The sources pointed out the human rights activists played a big role in helping the security authorities unearth this illegal activity, and asserted Kuwait continues to fight all forms of human trafficking.

SOURCE: Arab Times

Stop buying a Work Visa!

I am working in a well known Consulting Company, a licensed recruitment and employment Company in Kuwait City, each day there are Job-seekers who are coming to our office, mostly Indians and Filipinos. It’s indeed very sad that these Indian Applicants are buying their Visa from India to Kuwait Fake Employer for this sum of money, and still they can’t find a Company to work, once they arrived here in Kuwait.

Unfortunately, there are certain rules in Shoun in terms of transferring your Visa to another Employer, especially to this case, if you buy your Visa to these greedy people then you need to wait for 1 Year or 12 months before you can able to work here in Kuwait legally. The worst case is, if you buy a Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer then you must complete at least 3 years or 36 months to your registered Employer under your Visa before you can work to another Employer, legally.

If you are in India and you want to work here in Kuwait?, you should consider going to a registered Recruitment Agency first and try to get a job there. Many Indians with the same cases  here in Kuwait, until now they can’t even get a job, legally or transferred their Visa because if these issues.

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