Free Lawyer Consultation for Visa Problems

Free Lawyer Consultation

Our Free Lawyer Consultation will surely help all the workers with some issues on their Visa. Getting legal advice from a real lawyer is not that easy in Kuwait if you are just a Worker like me. I am so grateful because Lawyers in Kuwait are now opened their doors to help all the workers in this country thru our website.

I decided to be part of the Lawyers in Kuwait team by spreading this good news to everyone. I am really hoping that their good office can able to help all our fellow workers who have problems with their Company and on their Visa.

Visa 20 to Visa 18 transferring

Sounds unreal right? I know that there are 95% of the total population of workers in Kuwait will say that it is impossible!, it is POSSIBLE, my good friends. A few weeks ago, I spoke to Mr. Mohammed, a Lawyer, we discussed the possibility to provide real hopes to these workers who are in Visa 20. I was totally amazed that it can really be done by the help of Lawyers in Kuwait office. I am so happy when I heard that this is really possible to transfer Visa 20 to Visa 18!, I hope you can take a deep breath now. As far as I remember, while working in a Consulting Company, I met lots of candidates who are really in need to transfer to another Employer. Unfortunately, we can’t able to provide an Employer to them due to their Visa status, until I spoke to Mr. Mohammed of Lawyers in Kuwait.

I was born to help other people around me even though I have some bigger problems to solve either. Helping other people and seeing them smile for real make my own problems gone away. I will be doing this for the rest of my life and I will be ‘partnering to other offices that could help more and to support other workers.

Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer to Visa 18 Asma (Capital)

I, Myself wasn’t aware of these Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer until I decided to get my release from my first Company and search for a new Company to transfer my Visa. I was so devastated when I found out that my Visa 18 is cannot be transferred to the Companies that I had applied. I was searching for the right answer during that time, but I wasn’t able to have a real answer until I met my new Employer and he explained everything to me regarding my Visa 18 issue.

Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer is one of the subcategories of the Visa 18, these Companies that use this Visa are supported by the Government of Kuwait. The main problem is that this Visa is can only be transferred to the same category of Visa or Company. It is so hard to find one of this Company, from my experience.

During my hardship in seeking a Company who have Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer to transfer my Visa; I told myself that I will be helping my colleagues and other workers who share the same Visa issues to get a job as fast as I could. I remember a good friend of mine name Bayani Nilooban Jr., his Company was able to transfer his Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer to Visa 18 Asma!, that’s right, and that is indeed real!. I was very happy when I heard that from him that they transferred his Visa to Visa 18 Asma.

During my conversation with Mr. Mohammed of Lawyers in Kuwait, I intentionally asked this question if this Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer is possible to transfer to regular Visa 18 (Capital), he answered me YES. There is a really big hope!, and now, the good office of Lawyers in Kuwait especially Mr. Mohammed is willing to provide you all a Free Lawyer Consultation and his office is open to help you.

I will be adding more of the Legal Services that they are providing for the Workers in Kuwait on this Article. Please share this with your friends, help me to spread this hope to all our fellow workers.




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