Filipino Deportees Being Flown Home Today

Around 300 Filipinos will be flying out of Kuwait today as part of the government of Kuwait’s intent to fast track the deportation of inmates and reduce the overcrowding in their jails and safe house shelters.
151 women and 16 men from the Talha deportation center, 41 runaway maids at the Philippine embassy, 91 illegal Filipinos who turned themselves into the Public Authority for Manpower were cleared for deportation and were waiting to board their flight at Terminal 4 which is scheduled to take off at 1.30 pm today. The deportation is being done in coordination with the Philippine embassy and POLO OWWA.
Philippines had earlier made a conditional acceptance for their nationals return citing a requirement of a PCR health certificate, which would make it known that they were coronavirus free. The Kuwait government had arranged the flight and is bearing all the expenses of the travel of the deportees.
Several deportees from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India are also waiting to be deported from Kuwait as soon as their governments give clearance for their travel back home.
Kuwait is trying to contain the spread of Coronavirus and is reducing overcrowding in its jails. 45 prisoners were released yesterday and another 70 are expected to be released today.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian embassy has arranged flights for its nationals wishing to return with scheduled flights taking stranded Egyptians back including some deportees.
source: The Times

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