Different Types of Work Visa for Kuwait

Many people around the globe are all welcome to visit the Country of Kuwait; you must know these Different Types of Work Visa for Kuwait first before anything else if you don’t have any idea yet about these types of visas that are available in Kuwait, the keep on reading.

Are you planning to go to Kuwait for leisure and tours?

Are you an individual who wants to work in Kuwait?

You are already in a Kuwait who wants to transfer to another Employer?

Great! I will be covering up these topics to answer all these three questions.

Other Types of Visa in Kuwait

  1. Tourist e-Visa
  2. Visit Visa
  3. Residence Visa
  4. Transit Visa
  5. Entrance Visa


Different Types of Work Visa for Kuwait

Types of Work Visa for Kuwait

Too many workers in Kuwait are experiencing some difficulties in transferring their Visa to the other Employers; because of these differences of Visa Article 18 for Workers. I was working in a Consulting Company, an Employment and Recruitment Company to be exact, and I encountered these Applicants.

Visa 18 are transferable, YES, but there are some rules to be followed in transferring this type of Work Visa. Many of us, including me, before, don’t even know exactly why these other Companies can’t able to transfer me (my visa). I struggled a lot just to find out what caused these issues. This is why I am writing this article to help all the Workers like me who are experiencing this thing.

Types of Visa 18

Yes, maybe you are confused about this, I know many of us doesn’t know that Visa Article 18 have different types. This is the main problem why many of us (Visa 18 holders) can’t transfer to the other Companies.

Visa 18 Asma (Capital Visa)

this Article 18 Visa is can be transferred to any Company that you wish to apply for a career change.

Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer (Small Project)

Unfortunately, this is my current Visa status. I struggle a lot just to find a Company that they can able to transfer my Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer to them. This type of Visa 18, which is known as “Small Project and Companies which are supported by the Government of Kuwait) is legally transferable. There are a few things that you should know about it first, this Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer is can only be transferred to the Company with has the SAME TYPE OF VISA. I had tried so many times to transfer to this Visa 18 Asma (Capital Visa 18) but all failed. These Companies with this type of Visa are registered under the Shoun in Mubarak Al Kabeer, some big companies are also using this Visa in order for them to get more Staff because of larger Quota compared to Visa 18 Asma.

Don’t lose hope, you can still be transferred to the other Company. All you need to do is to find these companies with the same type of your Visa. We can help you find them don’t worry.

Visa 18 Masna (Factory Visa)

Basically, this Visa 18 is given to those who are working in the Factories in Kuwait. I can say that this type of Visa 18 is second to the most difficult to transfer. To be honest, there are so many of them who visited our office trying to apply for a job to us. We already get some consultation with Kuwaiti Lawyers but as they explained to us, it is cannot be transferred to Visa 18 Asma and even to Visa 18 Mubarak Al Kabeer. The Visa 18 Masna (Factory Visa) is can only be transferred to the Companies with the same type of Visa. Unfortunately, there are big Companies (Not Factories) that are using this type of Visa for their staff.

Visa 18 Project Visa

This type of Visa 18 is transferable to the same type of project visa, with the approval of your current Company. It cannot be transferred to Private Visa (Visa 18 Asma and Mubarak Al Kabeer Companies). You can consult a Mandoub regarding this information for your reference.

Please refer to this Article from Arab Times Online

Visa 18 Government

Most of the Workers in the Government are came from their Country of Origin, most of them are not aware that once your Visa is 18 Government, it can only be transferred to the same Government Project also. Unfortunately, we cannot able to help these workers to transfer to any of our Partner Companies. Please do consult a Mandoub and ask about the proper process of transferring to the same type of your Visa.

How to know your Visa Type?

What we are doing here in our office is checking the Etmad Takia (2 pages documents with the Business information and Signatures of the Company Owner) also the EznAmal (Work Permit). If you are an Asian, you can check to your Arab Friends, Mandoub about your documents.

As of now, these are the types of Visa 18 Work Visa that I encounter in our office. I will be updating this Article from time to time for clearer and comprehensive information.

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  1. Hi sir im completed 6 years in kuwait can i transfer aby other company in kuwait ..? my company is not giving reles can u help mee..???

    1. A pleasant day to you Mr. Ganesh, as per rules in Shoun, a Worker who served his Company for 3 years without any issues from both parties, he will be entitled to get his release, without the consent of his Employer. Some Companies are not giving release, it is happening, in this case, we can able to help with our partner Legal Consultant Office.

  2. please send mee your number sir i need your one small help….sir im 7 years completed in kuwait my company not giving relees only for indians i dont know why they giving for philipinos and egyptions …

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