Cost of Living in Kuwait

Before deciding to work in any Countries you should study and learn first its COST OF LIVING like in Kuwait, it is vital to know this information so that you will not ending-up for nothing. You should know how much the Room Rent, Food Cost, Transportation Cost if you are living outside your company premises. If you are buying some other things that you needed for daily living, you must know their price ranges as well. Once you have all this data then you can do your own calculations of these expenses with your given salary.

Real Prices in Kuwait


There are 3 types of housing that you can choose to rent in Kuwait, this is one of the important things that you can’t read in other websites.

  • Flat – an apartment with 2 or 3 rooms and a living room ( Renting Cost = 280kd to 360kd )
  • Single Room – a room in a Flat ( 100kd to 150kd )
  • Partition – a partitioned living room or single room ( 50kd to 80kd )


There are 2 types of transportation that you can use in Kuwait.

  • Bus – there are buses to be used as a medium of transportation from your home area to work area (1 ride is ruba or 1/4)
  • Service Van – there are some companies in every area in Kuwait that are providing transport from your home to your workplace (15kd to 20kd per month)

Food Cost

Unfortunately, the prices of the food and other products here in Kuwait are two times higher than in your Country. 5 kilos of Rice is 2.5 kd, if you are a Filipino then a 1 kilo of rice will cost you 85 pesos.

Prices of vegetables are very expensive in Kuwait because they are just importing these products from other Countries. You can buy frozen poultry products in any local store and supermarkets for 700 fils (frozen whole chicken). There are some poultry shops that are selling fresh whole chicken that cost 1.250kd to 1.500kd (fresh whole chicken).

1 kilo of beef cost 2.500kd, 1 tray of eggs is 1.250kd, also you need to buy drinking water, 1 box of water is 1.250kd (12pcs of 1.5L). Everything in Kuwait is expensive, foods in any restaurant are too expensive for simple workers.

Internet and Gadgets

We are now in the year of technology, without internet and gadget I know you can’t live, to be honest. Luckily, having a good internet and gadget here in Kuwait is cheaper than the other Country in GCC. There is 3 Major Internet Service Provider to choose, you can check their website to see some of their upcoming sales and discounts.

3 Major Internet Provider in Kuwait

Having the latest Gadget and fast internet connection can help you fight loneliness while you are far away from your Family. The greatest news in Kuwait is that you can go to these 3 Major Electronics Company to buy thru cash or buy thru credit and pay the gadget on a monthly basis.

3 Major Electronics Company in Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful Country with lots of great opportunities for all the workers and people who wish to work in this Country. If you are just applying here as a skilled worker, better check your salary offered by your Agency and Sponsor, then check the cost of living that is written in this article. Do your own calculation if it’s worth it to go and work here? If you can get the same salary from your current job in your own Country then why you need to go abroad, far away to your Family and Friends?.

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