The 4 Important Documents to Bring on Interview

4 Important Documents to Bring on Interview in Kuwait

These are the list of the 4 Important Documents to Bring on the Interview by the Job Seekers who are currently residing in Kuwait. This post is a reminder for those Applicants that are trying to transfer from their current Company to a new Company. You waited for 3 years from your previous Company to get your release in order for you to transfer to the other Company with better salary and benefits.

Once you are selected by the Company Owner after your interview, you must submit these documents to the person-in-charge in the processing department. Without these documents, the hiring department can’t able to process your transfer papers and the job offer.


4 Important Documents to Bring on Interview

Copy of your Passport

We understand if your Passport is not in your own possession, 70% of the Employer’s here in Kuwait is getting the passport of their Employees. We also knew that it is illegal for Employers to not giving this passport to their hired staffs.

We can’t argue with the Employers despite this situation, still, you must have at least two colored clear copies of your Passport with you.

It is illegal for employers to hold the passports of employees, and this is clearly stated in ministry resolution number 143/A/2010 in Article 1: “It is prohibited for private sector employers and oil sector employers to hold travel documents of their employees.” Sponsors of domestic workers may keep the passport, but only with the worker’s consent.

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Copy of your Civil I.D

Civil Identification Card is the most important thing that you should always have with you all the time if you are a worker in Kuwait. There are lots of Baladiya and Police Checking ongoing each day, it is mandatorily advised to bring the Civil I.D Card with you if you don’t like any trouble.

When you are applying for a job and passed the interview, you must have a clear copy of your Civil I.D to attach with your documents for the processing of transfer papers.

Copy of EznAmal

EznAmal or Work Permit is a single page document that you can get from your current Employer ( Company of Origin ). When you are applying for a new career here in Kuwait, you must have a copy of this document with you. The new Employer or the hiring HR always checking it because this is where your basic salary is written.

Copy of your Company EtnMatawkia

EtnMatawkia or Authorized as A Signatory of Company Owners is a single or double pages document that you can get from your current Employer. This is a must have also when you are transferring to the other Company. It should always be attached with your other documents for the processing of your transfer papers.

These are the 4 Important Documents to Bring on Interview in Kuwait if you are planning to get a release from your current Company and transfer to the other Employer. It’s indeed important to have a copy of these documents with your possession for emergency use.

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